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Amersson & Walteer

Siemens 3dprint

Employees of the transformer manufacturing division of Siemens Zrt. in Csepel contacted the 3DPrintBudapest team that they would like to give their colleague a scaled-down (1:10) disassemble model as a gift of the transformer that he designed and developed many years ago.

The 3 main parts of the project was preparation, assembling and painting. During the preparation process the 3D CAD file had to be make printable, as the scaled-down model had such geometries whose printing were either pointless or impossible. These parts were deleted or changed accordingly. The multi-piece model was made by using FFF technology, and the parts were fitted to each other with glue. The main dimensions of the model: 150x150x100 mm

Link: https://www.cee.siemens.com/web/hu/hu/diviziok/stk/Pages/fooldal.aspx