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Ivócsap Projekt

IVOCSAP 3dprint

The Drinking Hydrant Project is the TDK (Students’ Scientific Association) work of four young architects which has grown into a movement that has changed the downtown of Budapest many times. Under the project, a special device is placed on one side the hydrants located in busier places, that throttles the high-pressure water of the hydrant into 3-4 cm long water-jets that are well-known on beaches. So it provides opportunity for walkers and cyclists to freshen up even where the public drinking fountain system that can be found in villages, do not exist.
During the course of the design process, the task was to create the mold for which the positive part was provided by 3DPrintBudapest, of which the sand mold negative was made that was ready for casting. The positive part was created by using FFF technology. No painting or any other post-treatment took place.