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BME Anyagtudomány és Technológia Tanszék, FP7 EU Projekt, mintatartó

FP7 3dprint

At the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, a growing number of departments manage to join international projects (as consortium members). The Department of Materials Science and Engineering worked on the surface treatment of titanium discs within an FP7 EU project. After the surface treatment of the discs, further tests were carried out by international partners, thus a container had to be made that was suitable for transport. 3DPrintBudapest designed and prepared the sample container.

It was a key consideration that the discs should not touch each other and could be easily removed individually, moreover, their places could be clearly identified. The underside of the container was made with Objet technology, the cover was laser-cut from a sheet of plexiglass.

Link: http://www.att.bme.hu/