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Swejc 3dprint

The luxury hotel designed by the Hungarian architectural firm Ferdinánd és Ferdinánd Építésziroda Kft. is going to be built in Zweischimmen, a Swiss village widely considered as a ski paradise. In order for the local authority to authorize the landscaping and construction plans, a 3D mock-up demonstration was needed. The main criteria for the model was to represent not only the hotel, but also the surrounding buildings and topography. AB RAYMANN GmbH from Germany contacted 3DPrintBudapest with this project.
The execution was preceded by digital work, in which the faulty surfaces, unprintable geometries had to be corrected. As a result, the CAD model became printable. The size of the model is 900x600x350 mm, and it consists of 3D printed buildings using FFF technology and laser-cut topography. The model was painted white at the end of the project.

Thanks to the success of the project, there are ongoing joint works with the German company.

Link: http://www.abraymann.com/