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Horváth Domonkos

Budapest University of Technology and Economic /Architect.

Domonkos Horváth

As an architect I strive for simple and smart solutions, these are what I perceive as timeless and long-lasting. 3D printing has opened up new horizons in the field of creating tools and objects. My goal with founding 3DPrintBudapest is to explore these horizons!

Pammer Dávid

Géza Pattantyús-Ábrahám Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering
/Stability of dental implants (PhD)
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
/Biomedical Engineer (MSc)
/Mechatronic Engineer (BSc)
Semmelweis University / Budapest
Technical University of Ilmenau / Ilmenau / Germany
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology / Vienna / Austria

Pammer Dávid

As a mechatronic and biomedical engineer it is the creative solutions of the interdisciplinary fields that make my work more interesting. In the course of my work, I often see that only few people have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of designing and implementation. My goal with founding 3DPrintBudapest is to change this.

Meggyes Balázs

Emerson Process Managment / Székesfehérvár
Vattenfall Europe AG / internship / Cottbus / Germany
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
/ Engineering Management

Meggyes Balázs

As an engineer manager my job is to create harmony between the financial and technical requirements and the customer needs. My goal with founding 3DPrintBudapest is to meet these unique needs on the highest possible level of quality without compromise.

3DPrintBudapest is a start-up company created by three graduates of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. You can find almost the full spectrum of engineering at our company, from engineering management to architecture to mechatronics and biomedics. We are all interested and also actively involved in various innovative initiatives.

Our goal is to get the different workflows together, and so 3DPrintBudapest can offer a full range of engineering services (see Home). As a result, the quality work is both time and cost efficient, which are essential requirements in today’s world. We believe that through 3D printing, we can provide real solutions and suggestions for prototypes, products in the making, and thereby introducing this fast, feedback-providing way of creating value. We add our experience and insight to this.


AB Raymann GmbH, model of a luxury hotel to be built in Switzerland
Siemens Zrt. Transformer Division, transformer model
Trimble Hungary Kft., data forwarder
Flying Objects Design Stúdió Kft., clock holder device
Fulldent Kft., souvenir with a logo
The Drinking Hydrant Project
Medicontur Kft., measuring device and exhaust pipe
BUTE Department of Materials Science and Engineering, FP7 EU Project, sample container
Gépész Szakkollégium eszközfejlesztés
Marvin Project, referencia figura


First Step

To begin the workflow we need a „starting package”.

For printing/implementation the package has to contain the CAD model to be printed or manufactured – in stl; iges; step; etc. file extensions – and a brief description (colour, quality, quantity etc.) of the object.

The more detailed the „starting package” is, the easier we can find and send it for you the optimal solution and offer.
For design/development/research/education the package has to include a description of the given task. Based on it, we arrange a consultation appointment with the client and discuss the details.

Privacy policy

During the course of our work your files, datas and ideas are treated confidentially and we do not share it with any third party in any form.

If requested, we can sign an NDA.

After the work is completed and the client requests it, we delete all starting data from our system.

Project closure

On basis of a common understanding, 3DPrintBudapest intends to use the completed works as reference, as well as indicate them on referring to the customer and his contact information.

All transport costs are borne by the customer.


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